Mala Making & Meditation Workshop

December 9, 2019

Join us for an afternoon of immersion in the art of Japa Mala. The mala is a traditional garland of 108 prayer beads. Every bead represents a truth, and meditating on them with an affirmation, or mantra, is used to bring peace of mind. The mala can also be seen as a metaphor for life: a small knot between each of the beads represents a challenge between the smoother, more beautiful aspects of life.In this fun, inspiring workshop led by Laura McCrory, founder of Mantra Malas, participants will learn the sacred art of mala making and how mala are used in daily practice. Each participant will leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind mala bead necklace. Materials are included in the price of the workshop. Malas make beautiful, one of a kind holiday gifts! Participants will have the option to choose from the following gemstones:

Amethyst - intuition, protection, cleansing

Lava Stone - grounding & protective

Fancy jasper - interconnectedness, spiritual evolution

Rose quartz - love heals the heart

Angelite - balanceAventurine - chakra healing & balancing

Carnelian - courage and fearlessness

Lapis Lazuli - wisdom & truthBlack onyx - endurance

Fluorite - truth, consciousness, cleansingQuartz - master healing stone

Moonstone - calming

Rudraksha - brings all chakras into balance

Sandalwood - healing, supportive, balancing

$65 includes all materials.

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